Maintenance Coordination: Who Pays for Rental Maintenance In Murray, UT?

Maintenance Coordination: Who Pays for Rental Maintenance In Murray, UT?

As a renter, have you ever had to deal with a landlord who was less than enthusiastic to fix something that has gone wrong with your apartment? Maybe it took a full weekend for them to get answers as to why your heat isn't working. Or maybe they made you pay for repairs.

There are some rules that both tenant and landlord need to follow when it comes to maintenance coordination. Failure to obey these rules may result in legal trouble for a landlord or a loss of your security deposit as a renter.

Here's how rental property maintenance and payment should be handled.

Landlord Responsibilities

Generally, a landlord is responsible for everything that comes standard with a property. This often includes utilities, building repairs, and fixing appliances.

Most of the rental property maintenance costs fall on their shoulders except for in rare cases. These cases include when appliances purchased by the renter break, or when the renter is the one that caused the damage.

It's essential to look up repair responsibilities for both tenants and landlords before drawing up your lease.

Tenant Responsibilities

On the flip side, a tenant is responsible for keeping their rental in good condition and cleaning up after themselves. The security deposit they provide is just in case of accidental damage that isn't repaired before they leave the property.

For example, damage caused by pets would be considered the tenant's responsibility. This is the case even if they have a service animal.

Tenants may also need to take care of routine tasks such as lawn care or basic plumbing. It all depends on what is agreed upon in the lease.

Property Management

Property managers take on some of the responsibilities in terms of setting up maintenance visits and hiring repairmen. However, it's up to the landlord to pay property management fees. The tenants shouldn't have to pay anything on top of their rent.

The property manager handles the hands-on work, while the property owner gives them the funds to do so.

The Key to Maintenance Coordination

Utilizing property management services is the best way to communicate maintenance needs with both tenants and landlords.

Tenants are often unaware of their responsibilities, even with a well-outlined lease. Either the landlord of property manager should let them know what is expected in terms of maintenance.

It also helps to create a property maintenance schedule so the owner doesn't fall behind on fulfilling their side of the agreement. Some items that should be on their maintenance checklist include checking the roof, cleaning air ducts, and servicing security systems.

Paying Your Portion In Murray

Who pays for what is an important part of rental maintenance coordination? Renters will often avoid calling in for repairs if they're unsure if they're meant to cover the costs. Properly communicate what they should do in case any kind of problem arises on your property.

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