4 Property Marketing Tips to Find Renters in Murray, Utah

4 Property Marketing Tips to Find Renters in Murray, Utah

How exactly are new renters finding your property listings online? Without an online property marketing strategy, they won't. Instead, they'll come across other available listings, leaving you with a high vacancy rate.

Before that happens, use these four marketing tips to reach new renters online. Boost your occupancy rate and excel in the rental market today!

1. Improve the Tenant Experience

If you offer a lackluster tenant experience, your current renters could scare off new renters. They may post unhappy reviews online, leading potential renters to look elsewhere. Before using the rest of these property marketing strategies, try offering better tenant experiences to keep tenants.

Make it easy for tenants to contact you with questions, requests, and concerns. Use the feedback you gather to make informed improvements to how you operate. State-of-the-art technology can help you streamline communications.

Try to complete maintenance requests in a timely manner. Completing maintenance quickly will show tenants you care about their living experience.

Ask your tenants to share their reviews online. Positive reviews can boost your credibility, leading people to trust you as a landlord. Over 80% of people think a business with a user-generated review on their landing page is trustworthy.

2. Update the Listing

Make sure your rental listings provide new renters with all the information they need. For example, you can mention:

  • Nearby grocery stores
  • Public transportation options
  • Amenities
  • Parking
  • If you're pet-friendly

These details can help your listing stand out in the rental market. You'll have an easier time focusing on renters who are serious about the unit.

Enhance the listing by adding high-quality images. Videos can also help the listing stand out.

3. Use Online Property Marketing Ideas

Online property marketing will help your listings reach new renters. Use a mix of strategies, including:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing

Use social media to gain more visibility. There are over 4.9 billion social media users in the world. To narrow your reach, use location-specific keywords to appeal to renters in Murray.

4. Hire a Property Manager

Developing effective property marketing strategies can take time. You could waste money and lose new renters if you don't have a plan. Before applying these property marketing ideas, consult a property management company.

An experienced property manager can simplify the process for you. For example, they can improve the tenant experience you offer. They'll improve tenant relations, fulfill maintenance requests, and act as a go-between.

They can help you develop more effective marketing campaigns and appeal to the latest trends. With help, you can succeed in a competitive rental market.

Avoid Vacancies With Property Marketing

An effective property marketing strategy can help you reach more renters in Murray, Utah. In time, you can boost your occupancy rate and ROI. Start using these property marketing strategies today.

Remember, you don't have to do it all alone. Working with an experienced property management company can make all the difference.

At PMI Wasatch Front LC, we use proven strategies to maximize owner profitability. Leverage our 20 years of experience. Contact us today to discuss our property marketing ideas!